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An article about DATA112.cz in IDNES

Link to the article about DATA112.cz on IDNES

We visited the Czech-Korean laboratory DATA112 for data recovery in Pilsen. Discover with us the technologies that are used in data recovery from hardware defective hard drives and flash memories.
The Czech-Korean company Elsin offers the Czech market retrieval and recovery of data under the brand DATA112 (www.DATA112.cz). Their Korean co-owner company C&C is the leader in the field of data recovery in the Korean market and recovers data from more than 1,000 disks per month.
Technicians from DATA112 can consultwith the experts who have twenty-five years of experience. It is a tremendous advantage compared to other companies offering data recovery. Top-class equipment, sufficient spare parts and mainly know-how, which is very difficult to obtain are essential fro successful data recovery.
"We strongly warn against amateur attempts to rescue a hardware damaged disks. Customers who tried to save their disks by themselves or with the help of acquaintances or companies providing computer services come to us very often.Recovery is usually impossible after this intervention of theirs. Data recovery from hardware-damaged disks requiresnot only perfect knowledge of the disk’s mechanics and electronics, but also the perfect technical equipment. "says Jiří Sluka from the Elsincompany.
"At DATA112 we can save data from media with corrupted software, and also from hardware damaged disks. Thanks to the special equipment and procedures we can save data not only from disks that have damaged external or internal electronics or the head but also from disks with damaged service areas. We are able to access the disk in the manufacturer mode and thusly manipulate with the service data. Among other things, it allows us to switch off damaged reading heads, unlock password-protected disks or alter their serial number. 70% of our orders constitute the 2.5"drivesfrom notebooks and we continue to be considered an expert in data recovery from these media types. Of course, we recover data also from conventional 3.5"drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and other media."

In DATA112, they have available a cleanroom (dust-free space), which is required to work with an open HDD, they also have special devices enabling access to the disk in manufacturer mode, range of tools for opening disks and manipulation with very delicate inner mechanics, and also semi-automatic equipment designed to clone disks with damaged plate surfaces.

For data recovery from USB flash drives with hardware damage and memory cards they use devices for direct access to the memory chips and for simulation of the driver chip.
You can bring your disk to the laboratory DATA112 personally, or take the advantage of haulage contracts from the entire country for free. Also, entrance diagnosis is free. During the entrance, diagnosis technicians identify the exact extent of disk damageand maximum price. The sum is never exceeded during the recovery. The customer pays only for a successful rescue.
A typical example of bad and good practices of saving a hardware damaged disk, see www.data112.cz/zachrana-dat-obnova-dat-priklad.

What do we salvage and how it works?

HDD, RAID field, NAS, USB flash discs, memory cards, DVD recorder and camera discs, SDD discs


  1. Contact

  2. Transport



    You can bring or
    send your equipment;
    or we can pick it
    up for free.



  3. Diagnostics

    We will examine
    whatkind of damage
    has been done and the
    possibility of data
    salvage for free.

  4. Recovery

    The process of
    data recovery will
    start after your agreement.
    Given price is
    never exceeded.

  5. Handover

    You will receive
    your recovered data
    meeting the agreed

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