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About us

Data recovery under DATA112 is provided by Elsin company.


ELSIN spol. s r.o. (Electronic Services & Solutions) was established in 2005 as a European center for services in high-tech focused on data recovery and service of sophisticated microelectronic products.


I founded ELSIN company eleven years ago with my father Zdenek and the South Korean company named Computer & Communication. Zdeněk had experience in management of major companies (Skoda, Panasonic, Inventa, ...), I worked as an IT specialist and also provided data recovery service since 1999 (under the name Savedata). Korean company C&C is the largest laboratory for data recovery in South Korea.

In 2005 we took multimillion loans for investment for cutting-edge equipment and started the business with 6 employees in the building of Business Incubator BIC Pilsen. Our engineers went to a monthly training in Korea.

Elsin 2005

Gradually we acquired more and more contracts, we strengthened our working team and were constantly improving procedures and our equipment. 

In 2010, we moved to new premises in Loguran logistic area in industrial zone with total area of over 800 square meters, where we built probably the best-equipped laboratory for data recovery in the Czech Republic. The laboratory covers an area of 100 square meters.

Elsin building 2010

In 2016 we moved to our current premises which are even more suitable for our customers. Location of the space and over 1,100 square meters provides us with excellent background.

Záchrana dat

We save your valuable data every day. The process is carried out in a dust-free room with entry through an air shower. It all results in growing satisfaction of our customers and also the widening number of firms for whom we process orders under their company name.

Twenty-five qualified employees provide our customers with the best professional service in a friendly atmosphere of a family business.

Although I no longer personally attend technical activities of the data recovery, I still maintain an overview of contracts and those, which are not possible to complete have to pass my authorization.

I guarantee you we will do everything we can to recover your data.

Jiří Sluka

Jiří Sluka

What do we salvage and how it works?

HDD, RAID field, NAS, USB flash discs, memory cards, DVD recorder and camera discs, SDD discs


  1. Contact

  2. Transport



    You can bring or
    send your equipment;
    or we can pick it
    up for free.



  3. Diagnostics

    We will examine
    whatkind of damage
    has been done and the
    possibility of data
    salvage for free.

  4. Recovery

    The process of
    data recovery will
    start after your agreement.
    Given price is
    never exceeded.

  5. Handover

    You will receive
    your recovered data
    meeting the agreed

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