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SSD Intel 320 BAD_CTX Error fixed?

Intel SSD 320 series suffer a serious firmware manufacturing defect. This defect manifests in correct detection of the drive, but 8 megabytes in size and the designation BAD_CTX 0000013x. Data on the drive is not accessible. According to Intel data from the disk affected by this defect is not possible to retrieve.

Thanks to working with several foreign laboratories, we have developed an efficient process to recover data from SSD drives Intel impaired by the BAD_CTX 0000013xmistake. Data recovery from SSD Intel 320 series drives is now possible directly in our laboratory.

Procedure for data recovery from SSD Intel 320 series affected by error Bad Context 13x Error is a very complicated process, which is not possible to perform without the necessary knowledge and equipment.

First, the firmware needs to be “hacked“, into which a code needs to be installed and thereby gain access to thedisk instructions. Subsequently, we can find and fix errors in the service area of SSD and thus get access to the userdata.

Thanks to this unique process we are one of the few in Europe who is able to get at least 95% of all sectors of a broken disk. If you have problems with accessing your data on the disk of Intel 320 model series contact us.

What do we salvage and how it works?

HDD, RAID field, NAS, USB flash discs, memory cards, DVD recorder and camera discs, SDD discs


  1. Contact

  2. Transport



    You can bring or
    send your equipment;
    or we can pick it
    up for free.



  3. Diagnostics

    We will examine
    whatkind of damage
    has been done and the
    possibility of data
    salvage for free.

  4. Recovery

    The process of
    data recovery will
    start after your agreement.
    Given price is
    never exceeded.

  5. Handover

    You will receive
    your recovered data
    meeting the agreed

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