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Software faults

You cannot find your data? You have deleted your important files? You restored your computer to factory settings or you reformatted your hard drive?

Contact us, we will HELP YOU get the data back!

Order data recovery

If there is any loss of data, it is necessary to disconnect the drive from the system as soon as possible, or shut down your computer immediately. Despite the fact that you are not doing anything on your computer, majority of operating systems is still working with your disk (antivirus, backup, defragmentation and other tasks in the background) and may overwrite the lost data.

Data recovery in our laboratory always starts with connecting the drive to a device that prevents writing (called "read-only" mode) and creates identical copies of the sector with which we continue to work. Therefore you can be always sure that you get your disk back in its original condition without a single change. We have a professional software for data recovery and sufficient knowledge of the file system that allows us manual correction of automated recovery.

We have experience with data recovery from all common file systems (FAT16 / FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, HFS +, VMFS, XFS, EXT 2,3,4; UFS1 / UFS2, ReiserFS, etc.).

Most often the damage to SW occurs because of a user error – by deletion of files, formatting the drive, or by improper manipulation with programs for managing disk partitions and with tools for system reinstall. The file system failure or loss of access to files can also occur spontaneously (because of a virus).

If the data loss is of a software origin, the chances of their recovery greatly depend on how the disc was handled. In the case of deletion or reformatting your hard disk in most cases only the information from FAT or MFT table (where records of all files and directories) was discarded but the data itself still remains on the disk. Therefore every minute of operation, even a restart of your computer, or even connecting the drive to another computer greatly reduces the successfulness of data recovery. The operating system writes on the disk without us knowing about it and deleted data are for the system just additional free space. This way a definitive overwrite of the original data can occur and afterwards that can no longer be restored.

How to proceed towards data recovery

What do we salvage and how it works?

HDD, RAID field, NAS, USB flash discs, memory cards, DVD recorder and camera discs, SDD discs


  1. Contact

  2. Transport



    You can bring or
    send your equipment;
    or we can pick it
    up for free.



  3. Diagnostics

    We will examine
    whatkind of damage
    has been done and the
    possibility of data
    salvage for free.

  4. Recovery

    The process of
    data recovery will
    start after your agreement.
    Given price is
    never exceeded.

  5. Handover

    You will receive
    your recovered data
    meeting the agreed

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