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Term dictionary

  • RAID

    (Redundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Disks) is a method of saving data on storage media ... More

  • Reading a writing heads

    are located within each hard drive. They ensure reading and writing of the data ... More

  • RLL

    (Run Length Limited): is the line code used to transfer any data through a communication channel ... More

  • ROM

    (Read-Only Memory) is a type of electronic memory that is read-only. ... More

What do we salvage and how it works?

HDD, RAID field, NAS, USB flash discs, memory cards, DVD recorder and camera discs, SDD discs


  1. Contact

  2. Transport



    You can bring or
    send your equipment;
    or we can pick it
    up for free.



  3. Diagnostics

    We will examine
    whatkind of damage
    has been done and the
    possibility of data
    salvage for free.

  4. Recovery

    The process of
    data recovery will
    start after your agreement.
    Given price is
    never exceeded.

  5. Handover

    You will receive
    your recovered data
    meeting the agreed

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